Does this ad campaign go over the line?

Just when you think you’ve seen everything. The Frisky reports on what may be the gutsiest ad campaign ever attempted. It certainly is the most bizarre I have ever seen–and I’ve seen some weird ones.

Procter and Gamble, the company behind Tampax, has launched a campaign for that product that comes straight out of a science fiction movie. The hero is a fictional 16-year-old boy Zack Johnson complete with his own blog and Twitter account.

This wouldn’t be much of a story if Zack led a normal life. No, on Day 1, Zack wakes up to urinate, and notices he all of a sudden has “the aiming ability of a defective garden sprinkler” and “a super important body part of mine had gone missing.” (Apparently P&G told the ad agency “you can’t actually say ‘penis.'”) Day 2 starts with: “Still in possession of girl parts ‘down under.’ No, not Australia.” Hopefully the story line is obvious enough by now.

I hope they paid the poor young actor hired to be Zack some serious dough. Beyond that, I still have no idea what to make of this.

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