No, we still don’t know who won

So it’s the day after the election here in the US, and due to a much larger number of mail-in ballots than is usual for an election, we do not have a clear winner even though the day after election day has come and gone.

The hope of a Biden/Harris landslide victory has long since evaporated. Now, we are hoping that 17 of the remaining 71 electoral votes go to Biden/Harris (according to NBC News, as of the time I am writing this), so come 2021-01-20 we can start to finally put this nightmare behind us.

The most unfortunate news is that while Harris County, Texas, clearly went blue, the rest of the state added up to go red once again, including re-electing Senator John Cornyn, along with the Republican presidential ticket. The silver lining to that cloud, however, is that sheriff Ed Gonzalez has been re-elected, meaning Joe Danna has now lost his third general election running for a law enforcement-related position. (As an interesting sidenote, Alan Rosen, who was Danna’s opponent in the previous two elections for constable of precinct 1, was unopposed this time.)

From what I am reading, there are still a lot of votes to be counted and potential legal challenges to be sorted through. While we all would like to see this all resolved sooner rather than later, that is not likely to happen, and it is definitely too early for either candidate to claim victory. I believe good things will come to those who wait.