I have adapted a quite unique set of conventions when writing for this blog, not all of them obvious to the casual reader, and not all of them in line with “proper” AP style.

I usually refer to the people I side with by first name, and those who are either neutral to my view or who I am siding against by last name. This started with my posts about the “justice system” and so is particularly true when I am writing a post about a case where legal action has been taken that I feel is unjust. However, I now adopt this convention across most of my posts. There are some cases where it’s just too awkward to adhere to this convention, particularly on election-related commentary. The exception to this, as of 2017, is our current president, who I refer to by his initials DJT for a variety of reasons.

I don’t use WordPress’s category system on this blog; I only use tags. Many of the older posts were ranked by how stupid I thought something was, and were tagged “blockheaded”, “galactically-stupid”, or even “box-of-rocks-dumb” depending on just how dumb I thought it was. (There were others, and I’ll probably revise this later.) I try to tag a fair number of concepts that relate to the post, such as key figures, city/state where the incident occured, and things mentioned. This sometimes has effects that are slightly bizarre.

Way back in 2008 December, this blog started out as a personal blog. Originally I just blogged about anything and everything. As time went on, I settled into the current topics: politics/current events, legal/law enforcement, computing freedom and related tech topics, and sports. I try to mix it up a bit; there wouldn’t be a point to renaming this blog Rant Roulette if there wasn’t a degree of randomness in regards to the topic, though politics/current events and legal/law enforcement do seem to be the most regularly recurring themes.