Completely unacceptable conduct alleged by ex-KBR worker

(Warning: potentially offensive content, especially if you follow the linked story.)

Found this one in the Houston Press about a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against KBR. For those unwilling to follow the link, I’ll summarize by saying it started with a worker rubbing himself on a male co-worker’s desk, escalated to leaving a sexually suggestive picture on that same co-worker’s digital camera, defacing the exterior of the camera’s memory stick with a “$%#&ing rules” taunt, and got much, much worse from there.

It shocks me that any corporation thinks it can let this type of conduct go unchecked. The particularly horrifying part of this is that this is KBR, and this happened over in Iraq.

I think this is the one story I’ve seen so far that shows what is truly wrong with outsourcing what should be the military’s jobs to the private sector. If anyone in the military did this, any branch, any rank, he/she would already be in prison for it after a court-martial. There would be none of this “it’s your own damn fault” and then later “pack your stuff, you’re on the next plane back home, you’re fired” to the victim of this outrageous conduct.

I wish the plantiff in this lawsuit the best; this is a suit that needs to be won. For all of us, the decent people in the United States of America.