Fundraisers, charity, me, and my future as a blogger

I can’t really comment in detail on the events surrounding the removal of the recent charity fundraiser post. It is tied too closely to other events that I cannot yet post about in this blog and that I am in fact trying to distance from my blogs as much as I can.

However, I do feel like I owe my loyal readers a short explanation about a few things.

I really, honestly, had no idea I would actually be “escorted off premises” if I showed up. Had I known that I would not have made the post and scheduled my attendance at the event.

I still feel like the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is a worthy cause. I do feel like I owe the friend of mine who is a leukemia survivor my participation in at least one fundraiser for the organization at some future date. I don’t know when that future date will be, probably not until 2009 December, maybe as late as 2010 June. Yes, I know, a whole year away.

I can say, however, that the events surrounding my exclusion from this fundraiser have kind of turned me off from doing charity events for a while. In fact it’s made me rethink a lot of things. I almost said “to hell with blogging.” That’s how bad it has gotten.

At the end of the day I really have no idea who’s out there or what they think, outside of the few comments I get. Most of them run afoul of some part of the comment policy, with the single biggest offender being no e-mail address. I’m sure there are some shallow minded people out there who will hate a blogger just for his or her politics. I can see that people are still out there reading.

I know I, personally, am better than that. Most of my outright hate goes toward actions which have stepped beyond the lines of decency and common sense.

I may completely change the topic areas of what I blog about over the next month or two. I never really knew what to put here, to be honest; it was kind of random and then I just kind of got “in the groove” with idiocy of large corporations, bizarre news, and politics. I have no idea who may or may not have grown tired of reading those, and who actually misses their daily dose of them.

Only one repeat spammer out there is banned from commenting on my blogs. I really don’t like doing that and only use that as a solution to problems unresolvable any other way. By all means, if you can say it in a comment, do so. If not, I have a contact form.