#best09 – Trip, restaurant moment, book, night out

Okay, I’m going to go ahead and try to knock out a few of these. These are from Gwen Bell’s Best of 2009 Blog Challenge. Some of these I’m really going to have to wing it on.


This one’s going to be pretty hard. I didn’t really take any notable trips this year, not in the sense of actually leaving the city. I didn’t even make my usual annual venture to the Texas Renaissance Festival.

I’d have to say the closest thing I have to a “trip” would have to be the adventure that was me attending the Houston Press Music Awards Showcase. My car had suffered an untimely breakdown maybe a week before. So, I’m off to a grand start, being the guy that treks into something like this on the bus.

Maybe I should have investigated this more thoroughly before I left; when I arrived I was never told exactly where “will call” was for those of us who bought the $5 early bird tickets in advance. So, I trekked into the heart of downtown on foot, stumbled into Dean’s (I think) and asked the guy. Only to be told, oh, it’s on the very west end of downtown, over by the Hard Rock Cafe. Now, I’m at Main and Preston; the Hard Rock is a good seven-block hike away. Thankfully I had the shuttle to take me back to Isis for the first show (because I really did not feel like walking all the way back in the heat). In the end, I had a blast, and little did I know that this event combined with certain other things to happen later that summer would inspire me to start Quinn’s Big City which has been going strong since late August. I’m still wishing I had already started it a week prior instead of over a month later. Live and learn…

Restaurant moment

That would have to be my first trip to Block 7 Wine Company with my mom. It seems silly but a simple thing like the venison “sloppy Giuseppe” sandwich sold me on the place. I definitely plan to go back yet again (I have visited once since).


This is kind of sad. I need to read more. I have only read two books this year, one of those being Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People (which I didn’t even finish). So for the moment that’ll have to be it.

Night out

Wow. There are way too many choices for this one, given there have been so many during just the past three months alone. I’d have to give the nod to the reception at Second Seating with the LED throwie light graffiti with a close second going to the Battle of the Bands at House of Blues in April, where I heard Low Man’s Joe for the first time, and wound up leaving with a copy of their album Where I Stand.