The beginnings of The Big Move

A little change in plans for The Big Move: the new design for what is now Rant Roulette isn’t ready yet. But, I finally got tired of waiting for myself to get in a designing mood, and moved it anyway.

The redesign will probably launch soon. I am shooting for, at the absolute latest, sometime in 2010 January. It’s a question of when I’m ready to get into a designing mood and put something together with one of the logos I’ve already made. I will probably be working on the new first, however; right now that entire domain just redirects over here. That will change, soon, to just the old URLs redirecting here, and the main page going through to the still-under-construction portal based on Drupal 6. I already have working RSS pullers for all three blogs and a cron job running on my PC here to work around the lack of cron on my Web host (an annoyance that should be resolved soon).

You’ll see a few more posts here now that this blog is its own entity, and not the nominal flagship of my personal brand (yes, it did make certain types of posts a bit more awkward than I’d prefer). I’ll go into detail about what the future brings as we get closer to the end of 2009 (it will probably be a scheduled post for New Year’s Eve around noon that will be written out ahead of time).

About the only thing that I have not successfully taken care of is the URL on NetworkedBlogs and other similar sites. I need a few people to vouch for the fact that someone’s not playing shenanigans on me, that yes, the move is legitimate. I’m going around to all the other sites, one by one, as time allows to see exactly what I need to do. It’s not that much different than when someone goes from a or address to their own domain, with the exception being I already had my own domain that needed to be repurposed.