Followup to “Out of hand”: Trae the Truth sues Radio One!

It’s time for me to follow up on my previous post about the Trae the Truth vs KBXX/Radio One feud since there’s been a huge new development. According to this press release posted on AustinSurreal, Trae has filed a lawsuit regarding this matter. From the press release:

The civil case alleges a consistent pattern of business
disparagement, conspiracy and tortious interference. Defendants include Radio One, the radio station’s general manager Doug Abernathy, program manager Terri Thomas and morning show radio personality Nnete Inyangumia.

And as for the damages sought in the suit:

Trae is suing for general damages to his reputation, character,
standing in the community, mental suffering, loss of professional opportunities, performance revenue, record royalties and other damages.

Having been the target of some similar actions myself, I know a bit about people like those at Radio One, specifically including people like Mr. Abernathy and Ms. Thomas. People with egos, that assert they can never do any wrong, even when the evidence points to the contrary. People who love to attack, who love pushovers and those who do not know how to stand up for their rights, and who despise those who dare defend their interests when attacked.

What the people like Mr. Abernathy and Ms. Thomas hate, are those who fight back. Those who aren’t willing to just “let it go” when being unjustly spit upon in an attempt to constructively evict them from the local community. Those who can adopt the Twisted Sister song “We’re Not Gonna Take It” as their own battle anthem.

People like Trae. And dare I say it, people like me.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this story. Hopefully, Trae wins, which would mean a victory we can all celebrate.