Admin/meta: Changes ahead

I haven’t made very many of these type of post here, but this one really deserves it. I have alluded to some of these things in prior posts but to make sure nobody misses them, I’m posting them here.

Major career and personal changes are happening in my life over the next few months. The current format of this blog will be incompatible to the success of those changes. I may need to put it on complete hiatus for a time with virtually no notice. I have slowed down a lot with the posting, and I’ve noticed my readers have slowed down a lot to check for new posts.

I’m not yet declaring this blog dead by any means. I’ve enjoyed, and will continue to enjoy, this blog while I keep it active. The way I wanted to end it, by making a flurry of final posts in its final few weeks, may simply not happen. It may well be better for my personal brand (which has taken a fair number of hits over the time this blog has been up) for me to make a clean break.

This is my de facto personal blog for the moment. With Iced Tea and Ramen closed to new entries, it’s this blog here, Quinn’s Big City, and my personal site. I am not completely comfortable with this arrangement and while I don’t regret moving this blog to its own domain to free up my personal site, I definitely have missed having a true standalone personal blog.

I don’t want to just up and delete the archives here. I have too much good stuff and too many old posts getting hits to do that, for now. At some point, the bare minimum I feel necessary will be to call attention to the dates, possibly adding a plugin that adds a disclaimer “this post is more than six months old and may not reflect the current views of the author.”

Yes, I’ve ranted a lot against certain companies, probably more than I should for someone wanting to get into marketing and PR. I know I hold many minority viewpoints and have not been shy about them. I’m not shy about certain legal and justice issues, either. The unanswered question, so far, is the influence on the body of my posts here on my personal brand. I’d like to think it’s neutral to slightly positive. Some will agree; others will disagree in varying strengths and degrees of politeness.

It does get monotonous, even for me, to hit the same targets over and over again. I try looking for something new now and again. If the topic of this blog has to be limited to topics such as censorship, civil liberties, the more flagrant police/judicial abuse instances, and maybe an occasional sports/light news rant, then that’s what I may do to keep it afloat. I’m sorry if any of you feel it’s no longer Rant Roulette anymore if I’m not slamming Apple, Google, Microsoft, Walmart, AT&T, or some other megacorporation at least once a month. I’ve not decided this yet, but I’m considering the possibility of  some posts where I mention misdeeds of a megacorp, but the bar will be raised significantly; garden variety misdeeds won’t be eligible anymore, it will have to be something quite egregious.

I pledge to keep my remaining readers in the loop. Thanks for your support.