“14 years” followup

I did some more research on a┬áprevious entry regarding the Dale Duke case, and found this Pegasus News story, which confirms that indeed it was a discharge from a psychological “treatment” program that triggered Dale’s probation revocation and resentencing:

In 1997 Duke was discharged from sex offender treatment because he would not admit to committing the sexual assault against his stepdaughter. A judge sentenced Duke to 20 years in prison because he did not complete the ordered treatment program.

This highlights the risk of “rubber stamp” conditions of psychological counseling as a condition of probation. There is always the possibility of the accused actually being innocent, in which case staying in denial would be expected, and any result otherwise would in fact be the result of successful brainwashing. (Normally I don’t use that term to describe what people in the mental health profession do, but in this case it’s quite accurate.)

Counseling can be a useful tool in rehabilitation. However, there is a huge difference between a real offender staying in denial and someone who is actually innocent, who is agreeing to probation just to put the entire ordeal behind them. I recognize finding the difference between the two is not easy, and is a problem that may well take years if not decades to solve, if ever.


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  1. I would love to know if Ben Boaz was his sex counselor! This story is also mine. Brace yourself, it was in Ellis, CO. He, Boaz had my brother revoked, after doing 7 years of his DA of 10 years. But, because he was falsely accused also, by his wife, with a history of such, because my brother would not confess to a crime he did not commit! I have another two cases the same, Judge, DA et all, that sent them to prison for the same reason. My brother, (nine yrs later) was offered to reinstate his probation if he would confess.

    He refused and told them to go ahead and send him to prison, sating he would rather die there, knowing he was innocent, that to give his son any possibilty of believing his daddy was capable of such a crime. The mother spoke for the 4 yr. old and the judge denied our request for child compentency testing. Years later I learned they dropped all the charges but, CPS or HHS, (who my brother threatened to sue) filed a new one. Boaz was the sex councelor and his lic. has just been revoked, after he tried to comitt suicide in Waxahachie motel, March 13th this year, yet still no Police report! His offices are shut down now, but he still has three other lisences, had threatened to kill two employees, (one helping me upon learning he was crazy and what she found on his computer, lead her to file the complaint, held in Austin, in Sept.) He also swears to burn the office down. He is a pervert, into prostition, lived with two of his clients and forces those late with fees to “work it off.” This man is very dangerous and I plan to file a lawsuit against him. My brother is home after 13 years. I wrote a book, “A Judicial Terror in Texas,” in 2004. You should now see the documents it took me over 10 years to get. They violated state and Federal law to sentence him to 20 yer in prison.

    If any have information on this guy, please contact me. You have my name an e-mail addy. My phone # is 903 756 5714. I had the story printed in the Ellis County Press and became a Co-Writer for about 8 years, calling them all out by their names and accused them of many crimes, using my real name, to be sure they knew who they were dealing with. They wouldn’t sue me, but did sue A/G Greg Abbott, who tried to help me for 10 years, in oder to keep their cover-ups going. Would appreciate any help regarding this matter.

    Thank You & God Bless

    Sharon Southers-Allen

  2. Thank you very much, but as of minutes ago, it seems to have been confirmed he was indeed Duke’s Sex pervert counc! Will follow up ASAP and give website. I’m going to get this man. He appealed his revocation and is again at work in an office that is in violation of zone laws……… It’s all cya down there and they better make room for me!

  3. I did not say Ben Boaz was the sex offender councelor, I said I had to wonder, due to Dallas CO. I am still in in process of finding out, for sure, if it was Boaz. That’s his style and what he did to me brother. My brother was falsely accused, and I know how awful that is, so I am not accusing Boaz. I am asking?

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