On hiatus

Effective immediately, I am placing Rant Roulette on hiatus. I’m not sure for how long, I’m not going to try and put an ETA on the return of new entries, it could be days, weeks, or months, or it may be never. I will try to make at least one more final entry if that is what I decide, and leave the blog’s archives up for a while so everyone can save what they want to keep. No guarantee I’ll be able to do that, but┬áthat is what I want to do should I have the chance.┬áThere are a couple of people I owe entries to, though they may wind up on this blog’s successor if there is one.

The thing that really stinks about this is I was in the middle of doing a redesign. I hope to show off that redesign in some form; I have a Facebook page up for this blog with the new logo but have had absolutely no time to integrate the Facebook page, or any other parts of the blog’s planned expanded social media presence.