…and back up again

My apologies for the recent downtime and delay of the posts I had planned to make. The blog (along with my other sites) may go down again briefly before the end of the month but I should have everything stable by March.

Hopefully I’ll have time to make at least one or two brief posts tomorrow while I have Internet access. The now overdue wrap-up post about the WordCamp Houston scholarship (which has now been awarded) is still on the agenda, but I may not finish it until the middle of the month.

I had also planned originally to weigh in on the Sandy Hook shooting; since that tragic event, there has been another shooting incident right here in Houston at Lone Star College, which primarily due to its timing also made national headlines. Both the shooting and its resultant press coverage do affect my viewpoint, and indeed the press coverage of what ordinarily would not make national headlines may be worth a separate post in and of itself. I haven’t decided how I’m going to approach this, I may do a multi-part series or something.

I do plan to return to a somewhat regular posting schedule. I’m not happy about the circumstances which have led to not being able to even keep my sites online; indeed, that’s been the least of my problems until recently.