Editorial notes: change in profanity policy

In the four years and change this blog has been around, I’ve kept it on a mostly low-sodium diet, which is to say low in profanity, except for a couple of exceptional cases. I’m not the potty mouth (potty fingers?) I used to be online, but I do feel I should make my readers aware, going forward, that there are cases where this blog may become NSFW (not safe for work) or NSFK (not safe for kids).

The most notable time where I “broke the swear barrier” happened to be in a post about censorship, and even then it was mainly because I felt it silly to censor a story about censorship itself. I’m not going to go digging for it but it should be easy enough to find. Going forward, “uncensored” articles won’t necessarily be about topics to censorship. I won’t fill an entire post with S-bombs and F-bombs—I’m too intelligent to risk looking stupid by doing that—but you may see the occasional word that would get beeped out on TV/radio. It’s not about shock value, it’s about being real; let’s face it, life is not a G-rated movie.

That said, if you have Internet access in multiple locations where at least one is running content filtering, keeping me abreast if for some reason this blog—or for that matter my other blogs/sites—start getting censored would be a big help. I can check from the local libraries here (Harris County and Houston) but not that often, and that’s at best only two data points.

And to those readers who are still around, thanks. I do appreciate your loyalty even though at times it may not be easy.