March is Gender Equality Month, and other administrivia

(TL;DR: The vast majority, if not the entirety, of posts in March will be about sexism or gender inequality issues. Also, the contact form has been broken for quite some time but has now been fixed.)

So, here I am, looking through a whole bunch of potential posts sitting in my “drafts” section. And I notice many of them are about sexism. The vast majority are, of course, about incidents of male chauvinist sexism or misogyny, but there are some about female chauvinist sexism or misandry.

What better time to post my best pieces about sexism than Gender Equality Month? That month happens to be March. This happens to be the very last week of February. I figure with a week head start I should be able to finish writing for the entire month by no later than March 7. I might have enough material to post two posts for some days.

I will be posting, as has been the usual, in the 10:00 and 14:00 slots (10am and 2pm US Central Time, 6 hours behind UTC). In the event I decide to make posts about other topics (stuff that simply can’t wait until April), those will be posted in the 16:00 (4pm) slot, and most likely towards the end of the week (Thursday and Friday).

In other news… If anyone out there has tried to contact me via the contact form on this site, it’s been broken for some time, and not just on here. Apparently Jetpack’s comment form got enabled, which stomped all over what I had set up with Contact Form 7. I am pretty sure anything that was sent vanished into the bit bucket, and I apologize for the inconvenience. On the off chance that it was actually important and not flagrant spam or garbage like 95%+ of the email I got through that form, please feel free to resend.