Let’s keep music as our Houston song, please

What the hell are they thinking with this petition?

A recent CW39 Newsfix story details a petition to replace the current Houston song, titled simply “Houston Municipal Song“, which has served us well for over a century (not that it was performed all that much after 1916; the video linked may well have been the first performance of that song in an entire century and change).

Not all change is bad, but the issue I have is what the aural turd they want to replace it with: Tops Drop by Fat Pat. Most of this track isn’t music. At least our current Houston song is actually, um, a song as opposed to a monotone. I’m not even going to bother linking it, it’s that bad, but a video of it is available on YouTube. (Ironically, the minute or so I had to skip to get to the actual track, I probably should have let just play as that was better than when the track actually started.)

If we want a new Houston song that is actually music (and I do emphasize those words on purpose), there are plenty of other candidates per Wikipedia. And I realize that list has a couple of choices in it that I would also disqualify as non-music, but many are still fair game. If we must change, let’s start the deliberations with the Gatlin Brothers tune “Houston (Means That I’m One Day Closer to You)” which got so much airplay on country stations back in the day.

Or one of us could write a new one. Or we could stick with the status quo. I’m fine, as long as the new song still has a melody. Anything but a crap track, please.