META: A few notes about the lack of posts and recent events

I know there have not been a lot of posts here given what has been going on recently. The reality is that things have been happening faster than I can get blog posts up about my take on them. I do have a video file of the Comey testimony which I will be watching shortly and I will have at least a brief post up about it soon.

I am aware of news items such as the baseball practice shooting, the Bill Cosby trial, the Michelle Carter trial, etc. I will try to get posts together on at least some of these by next Tuesday. Yes, this means I will probably be posting something over the weekend, something I traditionally have tried to avoid (at least in the past 2-3 years anyway; I didn’t particularly try to avoid weekend posts in the earlier days).

Do remember that the reason for a lack of a post may be that I don’t have anything “post-worthy” to say on a given story when it first breaks. Particularly in the case of the Bill Cosby trial, it’s still a developing story (as of this moment, the jury is either still deliberating or has wrapped up deliberations for the weekend). A jury taking several days to deliberate on a major criminal case is somewhat newsworthy, but at the same time provides no real opportunity for commentary until the judge either gives up and declares a mistrial or a verdict comes out.

Besides the obvious stories, I have several other posts planned before the month is over. I may not get to all of them before the end of the month but I will do my best. It is my goal to keep this blog active and current, but sometimes I will run a few days behind, either because a story is still developing or, as happened most recently, personal illness (which I appear to have mostly recovered from).

As always, if you like a post I’ve written, share it. That’s the number one way you can help me out: spread the word.