Treading anything but lightly

I just happened to notice this one fly by on my Twitter feed. I’m glad I was paying attention.

KSL-TV in Utah reports on probably the most morally bankrupt case of graffiti-based vandalism I have ever run across. It appears some bored vandal has painted graffiti at several locations on the scenic red rock along this portion of State Highway 128 (highlighted in blue).

I’m an admirer of nature, and somewhat of an environmentalist. I’m disgusted and horrified that someone would even think of tastelessly vandalizing nature in such a fashion. Defacing man-made structures with graffiti is bad enough, but this steps way over any sane line of decency.

Here’s hoping for a speedy arrest and conviction of the scum that defiled nature in the name of short-lived press coverage, and a maximum sentence as a deterrent to anyone else who would dare attempt a similar stunt.

(Note: this does not mean I’m against the graffiti “style” of artwork, as long as it’s not done as vandalism. My tastes in art are quite diverse, but as seen in the video, this is simple juvenile “tagging” and is way out of place where it was done.)

From the story:

[A law enforcement ranger with the Bureau of Land Management, Jason] Moore says last weekend vandals scarred the famous red rock by spray painting symbols and words probably only they know the meaning of.

“Numerous symbols, the words: ‘komy kyenta 2010,'” Moore says.
The BLM is offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. If you have information, call 801-539-4001.

The Big Move, and other stuff

We’re rapidly approaching the end of 2009. And with it, comes The Big Move.

What is The Big Move, you ask? In a nutshell, this blog will be moving to a new home within the next week or so: If you’re seeing this on the new domain already then The Big Move is a success.

With the move will come an all-new design. I have the logo done already; it’s just a question of the theme. The close friends that got to follow the evolution of the graphic design for Quinn’s Big City from start to finish will already know this so I’m going to have to tell the rest of you from experience: the logo is the easy part. I may not even necessarily be able to use this logo as is, and I may not keep the first design or the first logo. (I did change the font on the QBC logo once prior to soft launch.)

I mention this now because after the change will become a portal-like site about me and all my efforts, encompassing not just my personally maintained blogs, but my participation on other sites. So if you arrive at that instead of the usual expected diatribe on the news story that has my blood boiling this week, that’s what happened. I’ll keep a notice up for a short while on the main page to get everyone used to going to the new home of the blog if that’s what they are looking for.

Anyway, the reason for the change is simple. As my fame increases, I will need a place to announce public appearances and press conferences, and post press releases that specifically have to do with me versus one of my other efforts. In the beginning of course, I will be writing most of my own press releases and handling most of my own media relations; eventually, of course, that’s the kind of thing I hire others to do. I have an idea of who I trust to fulfill that position; if I reach the point where my first choice is infeasible I’ll ask for recommendations, first from close friends, then from a wider audience.

2010 will be a big year. For that matter, so will 2011 and 2012 building on the foundations laid in 2010. (I live life by the Roman calendar, not the Mayan calendar, so I think life will go on just fine after 2012.) I’ve always gravitated towards the limelight, unhappy being just a nobody. There are people out there who felt it in their best interests to try and keep me out of the limelight, that think I should quietly resign myself to being a nobody and keep my social activities to the handful of close friends and maybe a few dozen casual acquaintances I already have. They do this because that’s what is most convenient for them.

They may be right about one thing: the limelight may not be big for both me and the highest-profile person/people in that group. I’ve played a bunch of games during my life, including chess, backgammon, and poker. Nobody ever won a game of chess or backgammon by resigning. Nobody ever won a hand of poker by folding. While I think it is unfortunate that my unwillingness to back down will frighten, alarm, annoy, and terrify certain people out there, I stand behind my course of action, and offer one word of advice: Deal.

Shortly before or possibly shortly after The Big Move (as I am calling it), I will be posting a series of posts from Gwen Bell’s Best of 2009 Blog Challenge. I’ve looked, and some of these it looks like I may not be able to do, but I’ll do as many as I can.