An extreme case of cosmetic surgery

This is a tricky story to comment on. The reasons why should become apparent as I get into the discussion.

This story in Life & Style from 2016 January shows model Mayra Hills, who goes by the stage name Beshine. Like many other women out there, she got her breasts enlarged surgically. Unlike many other women out there, each of her breasts weigh in at 20 pounds and contain 10,000 cc of saline, and she has an outrageous 32Z bra size. The picture probably says more than I could say in words; her breasts are so big you cannot see her arms in the first picture as taken (which, by the way, is probably as far as you need to go to get the idea even though this was presented as a slideshow of 9 pictures).

My standpoint on body size issues, body modification (tattoos, piercings, cosmetic surgery), and the like has traditionally been supportive of the choice made by the person inside that body. That said, this sort of body modification just doesn’t make any sense, and at least one of the commenters wants to know which surgeon did this “unethical and dangerous” procedure. Another says “They look so painful and unhealthy” (which I am inclined to agree with), another calls it “the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen”.

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