Live from Occupy Houston 2011-11-19

I know I’m way behind on stuff, I actually had another post in the queue for Occupy Houston which you’ll probably see later this week. I am taking a brief detour from my intended route home to take a brief look at the Occupy Houston setup at Tranquility Park as introduced to me by a guy named Rage Sterling. And I must say I am very impressed at the level of organization and the population (quoted to me as “somewhere around 45” which at first glance appears to be a reasonable estimate).

I can confirm that there is one person from the November 9 raid that has not returned from detention/arrest (wherever that may be). Unfortunately I cannot stay for the General Assembly meeting scheduled for about a half-hour from now. I wish I could. It’s also too dark to really get good pictures or I would. I tentatively plan to return either Tuesday or Wednesday (I have a prior appointment on Monday).

More to come…