Meta: theme switch again, other tweaks in progress

I have switched themes again to’s Ahimsa, as it is becoming obvious that while Inanis Glass is a nice looking theme, it’s a bit too bandwidth intensive right now, and is also not as customizable as I would like.

I’m also adding some more tweaks. Anyone hitting the site a few nights ago would have caught me in the middle of an experiment with the TTFTitles plugin. This experiment while using the Inanis Glass theme was, at best, an educational failure; the Inanis Glass theme is a bit too rigid on the title being the same size text as normal text.

I will also be adding some more general pages and background information about myself. It just occurred to me the other night that many of my readers probably do not know a whole lot about me, and I would like to try to fix that.

Finally, I’ve been making some behind the scenes changes on how I write blog articles that will mean there are a few more of them. Before, I relied almost exclusively on the WordPress built-in post/page editor. I have looked at various blog clients, most notably BloGTK and QTM. The latter was appealing as it was available for almost any OS I had a desire to edit my blog from, whether out of choice or necessity (right now, sometimes Windows is the only viable option; I do see this as a serious problem whenever it comes up and do plan to make it go away for good). Unfortunately both of these clients are not without faults.

BloGTK lets me access drafts I have saved online, but it is hard to weed out the drafts from posts I have already submitted. I still have not found a way to access the WordPress “schedule” feature, which lets me publish a post and delay the time it actually becomes available online. It also appears to be for Unix or Unix-like systems only, though I know the GTK+ libraries are available for Windows, nobody has actually made a port.

QTM does not let me edit drafts I have saved online, as far as I can tell. Nor can I edit previous posts. I can edit drafts I have edited in QTM just fine, but I can’t use Press This to save the URL to an article and then pull that into QTM. This is a major deal-breaker for what is otherwise a decent blogging client.

Both of these clients do not allow an external editor to be used, and possess rather clumsy internal editors. That led me towards a solution based on the editor I would be using: Vim. I found a script called Blogit written by Romain Bignon which appears to meet most of my needs. It also has one annoying problem I will get to later, but it isn’t a deal-breaker yet and should be easily fixable anyway.

My attempts to find a decent HTML macros package for Vim came up more or less fruitless. I decided I could get most of what I want by writing in Markdown and then running all but Blogit’s headers through the Markdown filter. (Blogit adds RFC-2822-like headers, similar to what you would find at the top of an email message, to support the post title, which it refers to as a “subject.”)

Anyway, the one beef with Blogit is that it appears to only easily allow one blog account, hard-coded into the script (one replaces the sample URL, username, and password before using the script). I suspect it would not be too hard to replace these on the fly, and/or feed the script different values for the other blogs I plan on maintaining in the future.

Yes, that’s other blogs, plural. I will announce further details as they materialize, but my die-hard fans can rest assured this blog isn’t going anywhere.

Meta: Upgrade to 2.8, new theme

I usually do not post about changes like this; maybe I should make a habit of doing so. I just upgraded to WordPress 2.8 and switched themes to Inanis Glass.

The reason for the theme switch is that the previous theme completely blew up after the upgrade to 2.8. In particular the recent comments widget was mostly unreadable, and the calendar layout went completely kaplooey to the point of being unusable.

I’m not sure I’ll keep this theme, but I figure most of the serious readers are probably using some form of RSS for the reading and only coming to the site for the occasional comment or three. If enough people hate it, I can switch to something else yet again.