Paint them like ducks, they still won’t quack

The Daily Mail reports on the incredibly strange story of what some Thailand zookeepers did with their elephants.

These elephants were painted black and white to look like the pandas who have stolen all their fans.

The elephant is Thailand’s national symbol, but the country has gone panda-crazy since the birth of a female panda cub to pandas Lin Hui and Xuang Xuang at Chiang Mai zoo in Bangkok.

Those with animal cruelty concerns need not worry, as later in the story the paint used is a form of watercolor.

I have to wonder what problem the zookeepers had in mind for this rather bizarre solution? You can still tell they are elephants. They still don’t look nearly as cuddly as panda bears. If one were to try and feed them bamboo, I don’t think the watercolor would really help them take a liking to it. Oh, and they are still going to trumpet like elephants, not make the more chipmunk-chatter-like noise one would expect from a panda bear.

Really, I don’t think the kids were fooled.