The joys and heartaches of being a sports fan

So I got to watch (most of) the hockey game involving my favorite NHL team (the Colorado Avalanche) tonight. Besides realizing just how long it’s been since I’ve actually watched a game, I’m rather pleased overall; the Red Wings have historically been a very tough team for the Avalanche to crack, but tonight they did just that. Combine that with the Texans’ recent wins, and one could reasonably infer I have quite a bit to be happy for right now. And for the most part I do, except for one thing…

Maybe it’s a bit behind the times for me to be commenting about this just now, but this is big enough to me that it’ s still on my mind. I am still rather disappointed the WNBA decided to fold the Comets instead of looking harder for a buyer and/or running the team themselves for the coming season. On one hand, I already had another favorite WNBA team, that being the Connecticut Sun (which, for the moment, are now my only favorite team still playing), but this is still a huge loss. The Comets won four championships in a row, the first real dynasty in the WNBA, and arguably the only real, honest-to-goodness dynasty of any Houston-based team in any sport. I barely had any idea the league was looking for a buyer when I awoke to the news the team would be folded and the dispersal draft would be next week. (It also is rather unfortunate that the WNBA has actually had this level of experience with dispersal drafts and teams folding, but I’ll save that rant for another day. For now, suffice it to say that the WNBA is missing the elements of the men’s pro game that turned me off from watching basketball at all for a while, and I find it a real shame that the fan base is as small as it is.)

I do appreciate that the WNBA president has not ruled out a future return of the WNBA to Houston. I just hope that they keep the name and let the future owner display the championship banners once again when that day comes, because first and foremost, when it comes to the WNBA, I will always be a Comets fan.

Hello, and welcome

So, it’s finally time for me to start a real blog. I have, on occasion, posted bite-sized rants on Twitter that stretched into two or three tweets to fit within the 140-character limit. I tend to be a bit verbose; it is often a challenge for me to keep what should be a one-page letter down to a single page.

I had intended to start a blog many months ago, but for some reason gave up when it came down to fiddling with MySQL. Which, I have since learned, really isn’t that hard. (I’ve installed OpenBSD before, which is about as intimidating as installation procedures come. It’s only easy now because I’ve done it so many times.)

I’ll make a much longer, er, real post later.

But for now… <voice type=”silly kid”> Hey look everybody, my blog works! </voice>

(Had to do it, once.)