Hello, and welcome

So, it’s finally time for me to start a real blog. I have, on occasion, posted bite-sized rants on Twitter that stretched into two or three tweets to fit within the 140-character limit. I tend to be a bit verbose; it is often a challenge for me to keep what should be a one-page letter down to a single page.

I had intended to start a blog many months ago, but for some reason gave up when it came down to fiddling with MySQL. Which, I have since learned, really isn’t that hard. (I’ve installed OpenBSD before, which is about as intimidating as installation procedures come. It’s only easy now because I’ve done it so many times.)

I’ll make a much longer, er, real post later.

But for now… <voice type=”silly kid”> Hey look everybody, my blog works! </voice>

(Had to do it, once.)