Profanity and racism: an example of how not to lead

This has to stop somewhere and somehow. I know I haven’t been the most active in writing about this flimsy excuse for an administration, but this simply cannot be ignored. This post will have profanity in it, but only because I’m quoting our supposed “leader” here in the US.

CNN recently reported on flagrantly racist comments made by DJT. On top of flagrant racism, our elected-by-a-popular-minority excuse for a president used a profane word in describing certain countries. That word was “shithole”, a word you can’t say on broadcast TV and which many print outlets censored due to taste reasons. Not surprisingly, these countries are all occupied by primarily dark-skinned people. This Reuters article says the quote went something like this:

Why do we want all these people from Africa here? They’re shithole countries … We should have more people from Norway.

Supposedly, DJT also referred to Haiti with this profane word. Norway is mostly people of fairer skin, as is most of the population of the Scandinavian countries. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that human excrement also tends to be darker shades of brown.

This kind of remark goes beyond any possible boundary of human decency and is completely unacceptable by someone who is supposed to represent our country as its leader. The use of a profane word only serves to underscore the lack of intelligence of the person who uttered it, and for an elected official, let alone the (nominally) elected leader of our country, to say this kind of thing is downright un-American. This is the single most un-American thing DJT has said.

Why is he still in office?

Why has he not been compelled to resign before being impeached?

What is taking so damn long for an impeachment proceeding to begin? Does a majority of Congress literally have no decency left, such that they back DJT’s actions, however disgraceful, putrid, and patently devoid of any sense of decorum, just because they are members of the Republican party the same as DJT?

This is outrageous and horrible. I am outraged and horrified. I simply don’t know what else we need to do as American citizens who care about what is going wrong in this country.

Make America great again? No, DJT, you’re turning it into a shithole yourself. The people in Norway and other countries with predominantly white people are laughing at you and your idiotic attitude is not encouraging them to come here. They see this country circling the toilet bowl. If we even make it to the 2021 inauguration without nuclear war with North Korea, and we still have a habitable country despite the very real threat of climate change, air pollution, etc and all the other ways you’ve come up with to screw up everything that was great about this country when Barack Obama left office, it’ll be a damned miracle.

I’m going to go out on a limb here. I wasn’t yet born at the time of Watergate, but from what I’ve read, Watergate has nothing on this. I can say I’m very glad Richard Nixon didn’t have Twitter. Mr. Nixon did have the sense to resign when he saw the endgame was near. You call yourself a “stable genius” but actions speak far louder than words, and your actions indicate your instability and unsuitability to hold the highest elected office in our nation, and arguably any elected office higher than city dog catcher.

I’ve voted Republican exactly once since I started voting; it was in a local election when the Democrat had been exposed for taking bribes and I chose not to buy into his own tagline “Not for Sale”. At this point, I’m so pissed off that I don’t care if the Democrats are just as corrupt, enduring the first two years of this absolutely vile administration is enough for me to swear never to vote Republican again. I don’t care what replaces it, but if the Republican party can’t distance itself from DJT, then it needs to go right down the toilet bowl along with him.