Take off? Take a leak first

Apologies in advance to the easily offended… but this story was just begging for a few really bad jokes to be made.

The London newspaper Metro reports on a Japanese airline’s very strange new policy, which may already have some passengers a bit pissed off.

All Nippon Airways is desparate to reduce their carbon emissions, and is thus requiring passengers to urinate prior to boarding. This policy was put in place for a trial period of four weeks beginning on October 1.

Personally, I think ANA’s management is just peeing into the wind here. This is probably going to lose them quite a few customers, and probably for longer than a month. Customers tend to remember bad experiences longer than good ones. Put another way, ill will lingers longer than goodwill. Case in point: anyone remember ValuJet? (They are still around, but shed the old name with near-zero or possibly even negative goodwill when buying up a smaller carrier named AirTran.)